Learn a new language by chatting with your friends

Get real time translations in the language you want to learn in our new chat app. For translations tap the message.

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Learn a new language by chatting with your friends


Flipchat, the new way to learn a language

Flipchat is a chat app where you can learn a language by chatting with your friends.

Imagine you want to learn Spanish and your friend wants to learn German. With Flipchat, you can have a conversation where all messages displayed on your screen are translated into German, and all messages displayed on your friend's screen are translated into Spanish, allowing you both to learn a different language simultaneously. If you don't understand a sentence, you can quickly translate it by tapping it. To hear the audio, swipe the message left."

What is the origin of Flipchat?

Many individuals who attempt to learn a language without a strong motivation often fail. This is because language learning is often perceived as a tedious task. People tend to prefer chatting with friends on their phones over using language learning apps. That's why Flipchat has created an app that allows you to learn a language while chatting with your friends.


What are the advantages of learning with Flipchat?

Flipchat offers many benefits. Firstly, you can learn a language by engaging in an activity you enjoy - chatting with friends. Even if your friends want to learn a different language, you can still learn together with Flipchat. Another advantage is that you'll learn sentences that are useful in real-life situations, as you'll be using them in your conversations. Furthermore, at Flipchat, we believe that having context and being genuinely interested in what the other person has to say is crucial for effective language learning. When you have context and are invested in the conversation, your brain becomes more engaged, and you're more likely to remember the sentences you learn. Context is essential for effective retention.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I enter my phone number on Flipchat?

That is your own choice. We strongly recommend it however since with your phone number you can checkout all your contacts who have the app. We also promise that we will not share your phone number with third parties or use it for advertising.

I have some questions, a review or want to work together in the future, how can I contact you guys?'

You can contact us at: contact@flip-chat.co

Are translations on Flipchat reliable

Yes they are! We use DeepL, the most accurate translation tool. Just make sure you type in complete sentences otherwise the AI gets confused.


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